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The result of this operation is so much dependent on the cooperation of both sides, the surgeon and the volunteer. If the exercises are done enough and regular physiotherapy sessions are held, the result is guaranteed by the center.

It depends on the amount of the Limb Lengthening that can be approximately answered in the following table:

Limb Lengthening guide table:

Due to the importance of various factors in determining the amount of costs, ask this question to the main expert of the center, Ms. Rahimi (09123436352-0214401057), who will be completely responsible for all these important information.

Frequently asked questions about the M.T.N method

Important Summary:
The MTN method uses a nail inside the bone to increase the length of the bone, and there is only one screw with a diameter of 3 cm outside the body that is used to increase the length of the bone.

If the surgeon uses the right technique and has enough experience, there is nothing to worry about.

And if the volunteer needs more Lengthening, the cross method is available.

For people who need more than 7 cm Limb Lengthening, it is possible to increase the height crosswise so that, it is not difficult for the volunteer.
In the first operation, one thigh and the opposite shin are operated at first, and 3.5 months after 7 cm lengthening in the operated thigh and shin, the non-operated legs will be operated.
For example: for 10 cm Limb Lengthening, first the left thigh and right shin will be operated, then after two months, a 5 cm lengthening in the left thigh and right shin acquired, then volunteer’s right thigh and left shin will be operated, and now we have 5 cm lengthening for each leg. In the end, we will have 5cm lengthening in both thighs and 5cm lengthening in both shins, totally 10cm Limb lengthening.
This method is called Cross Limb Lengthening.

The amount of pain is much less compared to the methods that we use External fixator and there is no pain at all for most of the lengthening duration.

(MTN method)
Yes. Basically, the amount of strengthening and stretching exercises required to Limb lengthening has nothing to do with the type of device used.

Yes. But the severity depends on the Genetics of the volunteer.
In some people it is obvious and in some people it is very low.
In volunteers who are very sensitive to this issue, it is recommended to pay attention to the scars on the skin of volunteers who have had the surgery before.

In the cross method, the recovery speed is twice faster. For example, for 10cm lengthening, from the beginning until the volunteer can walk without an axillary crutch, will take about 8 months. If we have this amount of lengthening only on shins, it takes more than a year for the volunteer to be able to walk normally.

From the next day after the surgery, there is the ability to walk with the help of a walker. And the volunteer can even drive after two weeks (which is not recommended).

Bone strength will be returned to normal, according to studies on volunteers who have had surgery over the past 70 years.

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